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Member Spotlight: Clintwood Lumber

1.    When did you open for business?
We opened in 1949.
2.    Why did you open Clintwood Lumber?
Paul Riddle said his Dad, C.T. Riddle from Coeburn, saw a need for building materials after the war. Building materials were hard to get at that time so he wanted to provide that service to the community so he opened Clintwood Lumber Supply Company.
3.    What items do you offer?
We offer a complete line of building materials and hardware.  Also, we offer knives and other items.
4.    Why do you enjoy most about your Chamber membership?
We know what the chamber has done to help businesses and the community and continue to do  so every day.  They work hard to make things better for the community and businesses.
5.    How can potential customers get in touch with you and visit your business?
Our email is: and our phone number is 276-926-4621 . We are located in Clintwood at 5038 Dickenson Highway. 

Member Spotlight: The Health Wagon

The Health Wagon is our Member Spotlight for the Month of April, 2016

"We feel it has been a wonderful networking opportunity to have support of the Dickenson County Chamber of Commerce, which allows sharing of innovative resources and visions for future of business development."


About The Health Wagon

The Health Wagon is a nonprofit organization providing mobile health services to the medically underserved in Southwest Virginia since 1980.

The Health Wagon visits eleven sites in Virginia’s Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, Lee, Scott, and Wise counties (and the City of Norton) to serve a severely medically underserved population.

The Health Wagon’s staff consists of two Doctors of Nursing Practice, a Family Nurse Practitioner, two Registered Nurses, three Licensed Practical Nurses, an Outreach Coordinator, a Director of Operations, an Administrative Assistant, a Director of Development, a Data Systems Coordinator, and a Receptionist.

Every dollar donated to the Health Wagon is approximately $100 reaped in health care benefits.

In 2013, the Health Wagon assisted more than 11,000 patients obtain access to care valued at over $1 million.

The Health Wagon provides:

◦Acute Disease Management (Colds, Sore Throats)

◦Chronic Disease Management

◦(Hypertension, Diabetes, Dyslipidemia)

◦Low Cost Lab Services

◦Medication Assistance and Pharmacy Connect

◦State of the Art Telemedicine capabilities with University of Virginia Health System with Specialists

◦Physical Assessments

◦Immunization Programs

◦Health Teaching Components

◦Referrals and Follow-up Systems

◦Cardiac Specialty Clinics

◦Nephrology Specialty Clinics with renal ultrasound

◦Lung Cancer Early Detection Program with pulmonology consultation and chest x-ray

◦Women’s Health – Pap Smears and Mammogram Assistance

◦Community Health Fairs

◦Cardiovascular Disease Outreach Screening Programs

◦Remote Area Medical (RAM) Health Expedition

◦Loan Closet for Medical Supplies

◦Dental Clinics

◦Eye Clinics

◦And more…

Through partnership with many pharmaceutical companies, the Virginia Health Care Foundation and Mountain Empire Older Citizens Agency, the Health Wagon’s Pharmacy Connect Program provided $1.2 million in pharmacy assistance to patients in 2013.

The Health Wagon utilizes an advanced computer system and broadband telecommunications linkage to provide clinical, educational, and other specialty services to patients via telemedicine technologies.  As a partnership with the University of Virginia Health System, the network is capable of rapidly transferring patient records and medical images – such as x-rays, CT and MRI scans, ultrasound recordings, and more.


Components of the Health Care Outreach

Nearly one million residents of Virginia lack health insurance.

The poverty rate among the population served by the Health Wagon is 70% to 140% higher than in the rest of Virginia. ◦43.4% live on incomes less than 200% of the federal poverty rate, compared with 27.1% statewide.

◦49.3% of those over the age of 25 do not have a high school diploma, compared with 24.8% statewide.

◦Chronic unemployment rates are five times higher than the statewide average.


Adults in the Health Wagon coverage area age 35-64 die 30% earlier than the same population in the rest of Virginia.

Additionally, as compared with the rest of Virginia: ◦Health Wagon clients are 21% more likely to die from diseases of the heart.

◦Health Wagon clients are 14% more likely to die from diabetes.

◦Health Wagon clients are 35% more likely to die from COPD.

◦Health Wagon clients are 40% more likely to die from unintentional injuries.

◦Health Wagon clients are 50% more likely to die from suicide.

The Health Wagon has really been a blessing to people all over Southwest Virginia.


The Health Wagon has our logo T- shirts for sale. $20 for short sleeve and $22 for long sleeve.

Contact Information:

The Health Wagon


5626 Patriot Dr • Wise, VA 24293

PO Box 7070 • Wise, VA 24293

The Health Wagon is an equal opportunity employer.

Here is a link to the Health Wagon’s TV Show with 60 Minutes that aired a while back:

Member Spotlight: E&S Grocery


1.    E&S Grocery was established in 1936 and will celebrate 80 years serving Dickenson County this year. The business was founded by Cowan and Bonnie Edwards.  The store was then passed on to Cowan’s son and his wife, Olney and LeVada Edwards, who operated the store until 1977. Following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps, Richard and Rita Edwards have continued to operate the business. Recently, Dana Edwards Powers & husband Hunter began serving at the store, which continues the legacy through a fourth generation.


2.  The store was founded to fill a need in the community and to serve others. We have continued for 80 years with the motto “Neighbors Serving Neighbors”. We continue to be committed to our neighbors and community in service. We are the only local, family owned, full-service grocery store in Dickenson County.


3.  E&S Grocery offers a full line of groceries, fresh meats (cut in-house) and produce. In addition to everything you need to feed your family, we also make party trays and fruit baskets to for special events. Each spring, we serve as a one stop shop for your garden needs with plants and flowers. E&S Grocery provides outstanding customer service and bags and delivers groceries to our customers’ cars.


4.  The Dickenson County Chamber of Commerce is an important asset to our community. The Chamber serves to promote local businesses and promote the importance of Dickenson County. When you support local businesses, you support the whole community.


5.  E&S Grocery is located in Birchleaf near Sandlick Elementary School. Our phone number is 276-865-4592. Weekly specials and news are posted to our Facebook page,

Member Spottlight: Impressions, Inc.

 When did you open for business?

1.     We opened in March of 1997.

Why did you open Impressions?

2.  We opened Impressions for several reasons:  One, we had previously worked for companies that offered screen printing and embroidery and our customers were always telling us that we should start our own business - so one day, we did.  That was almost 19 years ago.  Two - we love this area, and the people here, and have enjoyed working with them for the past 24 years.  Three - We have always loved doing things in our community and, as business owners, this was our opportunity.

What items do you offer?

3.  We offer screen printing, embroidery/monogramming, banners, yard signs, trophies/plaques, also apparel for the local schools, along with clothing for monogramming. example - rain jackets, bags, shirts, jackets.

Why do you enjoy most about your Chamber membership?

4. Networking with different people in our communities.

How can potential customers get in touch with you and visit your shop?

5.  Email, call 276-679-1560, and we are located at 832 Park Ave. NW, Norton, VA. Fax 276-679-1564

Member Spotlight: Gift Baskets Instead

Below, you'll see our interview with Kathy Munsey, owner of Gift Baskets Instead. 

When did you open for business?

I have been in business here in the Town of Clintwood for 17 years. I opened in 1998.

•Why did you open your business?

I decided I wanted to work for myself and operate my own business.

•What items do you offer?

At Gift Baskets Instead, we offer the most unusual and unique gift items for all occasions and seasons. We have home deco to personal items. We also offer free local delivery. We take special orders and do custom baskets.

I would like to invite you to our Christmas Open House on November 6, 7 and 8th. 

•Why do you enjoy most about your Chamber membership?

I enjoy my chamber membership because I know the Chamber works hard to promote and support our local businesses in the county. I appreciate the marketing effort and the business I see from being a member of the Dickenson County Chamber of Commerce.

•How can potential customers get in touch with you and visit your shop?

We are located on Main Street in Clintwood and also have a Facebook page as well as an email address:  Our phone number is 276-926-8920. We are also listed on the Dickenson County Chamber membership page at

Member Spotlight: Forward View Consulting

We're launching our online Member Spotlight with a focus on Forward View Consulting, the Dickenson County design firm that created our new website. We interviewed the company's founder, Nathan Yates, to learn about Forward View. Here's what we learned:

When did you open for business?

In October of 2014.

Why did you create Forward View Consulting?

I founded Forward View with the goal of rebuilding America one small business at a time. Then, I found a few fantastic people who shared this dream. We're all dedicated to being a different kind of consulting firm. There is no fancy Forward View office nor do we bill clients for extra services they don't need. Instead, Forward View works to make elite-level consulting available to entrepreneurs across the country. If we can upend traditional Wall Street ideas and the world of $500/hour consultants in the process of serving our clientele, we'll be quite pleased!

Forward View operates according to this verse from the Bible:

"Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts." — Proverbs 24:3 LB

What services do you offer?

We have two equally important areas of practice:

  1. Website development — We create websites for small businesses and nonprofits (and any needed logos, restaurant menus, digital ads etc.). Every Forward View website is designed with modern software to be mobile-friendly. We guarantee the site will be working over 99% of the time, too. All of your website work will be done by our team, so you'll never need to call somebody who you don't know personally.
  2. Financial analysis — Forward View provides investment research to Wall Street and to financial advisors around the globe. My Master's degree is in Finance, so Forward View obviously had to offer services based on my educational focus. We also provide financial analyses to small businesses preparing to open, seek funding or plan for a large project.

Why do you enjoy most about your Chamber membership?

As a lifelong resident of the county, I thoroughly enjoy working with local entrepreneurs to strengthen our economy. With the Chamber, the benefits of our collaboration are exponentially increased. The Chamber offers amazing networking opportunities for all members, too, and I think joining this organization is one of my best business decisions. 

How can potential clients get in touch with you?

I'm available at, and I'll happily schedule phone or Skype conversations with anybody interested in Forward View. I also encourage everybody to visit to sign up for our free monthly newsletter. It's loaded with small business tips and ideas! Forward View also offers a 10% discount on everything to fellow Chamber of Commerce members.