Our Board

Our Committees

The Executive Committee shall act for and on behalf of the Board of Directors when the Board is not in session but shall be accountable to the Board for its Actions. The Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, immediate Past Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and one member elected at large from the membership shall constitute the Executive Committee.

This division is organized for the purpose of developing programs to serve and strengthen the general membership of the Chamber including adequate financing of the Program of Work through membership development. All other affairs of internal nature shall also be embodied by this division.

Members:    Rita Surratt, President/CEO

                     Larry Yates, Vice President

                     Judy Compton, Secretary

The Banquet and Special Events Committee will help organize special events such as our annual Business Appreciation Cookout, Membership banquet, silent auction and any other event the Chamber may have.

Members: Judy Compton, Ridgeview Delimart & Wolfpack Den

                  Larry Yates, Mayor, Town of Haysi

                  Rita Surratt, President/CEO

The Finance Committee will develop the annual budget, meet to review finances and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Members:    Larry Yates, Vice President

                     Rita Surratt, President/CEO

The Membership Committee will develop a membership base that will foster development of the Chamber.

Members:    Roy Mullins, Chamber Board member

                     Sheila Viers, Chamber Board member

                     Kay Owens, Haysi Propane

                     Carroll Edwards, Chamber Board member

                     Carl Mullins, Chamber Board member

                     Rita Surratt, Ex Officio

Our Divisions

The County and Community Division is organized for the purpose of promoting programs of a civic, educational, social and cultural nature which are designed to increase the function and aesthetic values of the county and community.

Members:      Matt Owens, Belcher Insurance Agency

                      Jarvis Deel, Mayor, Town of Clinchco

                      Mary Hylton, President, Historical Society

                      Sheila Bailey, Back Porch Treasures, Haysi

                      Amy Phillips, The Sleep Inn, Clintwood

                      Rita Surratt, Ex Officio

The Economic Division is organized for the purpose of promoting balanced economic growth, existing industries, and tourism and to assist small businesses.

Members:    Marzie Fleming, First Community Bank

                     Mitzi Sykes, Dickenson County IDA

                     Carroll Edwards, Chamber Board Member

                     Keith Viers, Chamber Board Member

                     John Johnson, Johnson Chevrolet

                     Mike Yates, Commissioner of the Revenue

                     Rita Surratt, Ex Officio

The Public Affairs Division is to research governmental issues on local, state and federal levels affecting business, take positions on issues when appropriate, communicate business interests to governmental representatives at all levels for the purpose of providing Chamber input, and communicate to members issues important to business.

Members:   Russell Sutherland, Chamber Board member

                    Larry Yates, Mayor, Town of Haysi, Chamber Board member

                    Austin Bradley, Superintendent at Breaks Park

                    Rita Surratt, Ex Officio


Rita Surratt, Chamber CEO & President

Rita Surratt, Chamber CEO & President