Established in 1956 by William A. Thompson, Jr. and John W. Litton, in Wise, Virginia, Thompson & Litton provides comprehensive civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering, surveying, architectural and design- build services through offices located throughout the Mid-Atlantic states.

T&L's visionary founders built their engineering practice on rock-solid principles reflecting and honoring the character of the rugged, individualistic people of the coalfields region. Thompson & Litton knows booms. They know busts. They know how to solve problems. More than anything, T&L gets to know their clients and commits to serve them well. Integrity and respect is essential to a business that’s built to stay.

T&L started with projects serving the coal industry 62 years ago. Because of their deep ties to the region, they have grown with it — building the first general aviation airport in the region, and most of the rest, as well as building the first water treatment facility and many other such innovations. The emphasis on historical “firsts” establishes a broad portfolio of skills along with lasting commitment to long-term relationships.

Since its earliest days, Thompson & Litton has emphasized serving its clients by producing quality work by committed people. Bill Thompson often underscored that dedication by noting that “Firms don’t design projects. People do.”

Growing out of their innovative culture, T&L has become good at many things. They don’t try to be everything to every client — and will be the first to admit if the fit isn’t right — but their history has allowed the firm to hone skills in a variety of venues facing a wide range of challenges. If you can build on the side of a mountain, you can build anywhere.

Thompson & Litton
103 E. Main Street
P.O. Box 1307
Wise, VA 24293
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