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Name of Winner: Lonesome Pine Soil and Water Conservation District

Address: 130 Clintwood Main St

                 Clintwood, VA 24228

When did you open? Organized in August of 1953 and began operation in March of 1954.

What is a little history of the organization, projects and purpose:


The Lonesome Pine Soil and Water Conservation District was organized in August of 1953 and began operation in March of 1954, with headquarters in Clintwood. The District was given the name Lonesome Pine, from the famous John Fox Jr. story, Trail of the Lonesome Pine.

Over the years the District has been instrumental in bringing about changes in land use. The District is comprised of the land in both Dickenson and Wise Counties.

Soils in the District are derived mostly from sandstone and shale. A small section of Wise County in the Powell Valley area has the only limestone soils in the District.


            The farm community has a tradition of being stewards of the land. By managing it wisely, farmers have made food both inexpensive and abundant in this country. Soil and Water Conservation Districts wish to help strengthen this ethic.

            The business of farming requires as much planning and organization as any other. Strategies to protect surface and groundwater should be in those plans.

            One tool SWCD’s use to help farmers is the Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs) Cost-Share Program. It provides funds to help install conservation practices that protect water and make farms more productive.

            Funding availability varies by district. The state provides districts funds to target areas with known water quality needs. Areas with the greatest need receive the greatest funding.

            Locally, districts concentrate on helping farmers in designated priority watersheds. Assistance is available year-round to individuals willing to carry out an approved conservation plan.

            Many plans qualify, but all must be approved by the local district board in order to receive funding. Districts seek and recruit individuals whose efforts can make the greatest positive impact upon water quality.


            In addition to farming assistance, the district is also very involved in promoting conservation education programs, for utilizing school and partner agency resources.

            The district will organize field trips, day camps, and Envirothon competitions.

            The district will also provide teachers with appropriate resources and coordinate school activities focusing on Virginia’s Standards of Learning.

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Networking opportunities

Any other information or contact information and hours opened?

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00am-4:00pm

Bobbi Rasnick- Administrative Secretary

For information about the VA Ag BMP program or Educational Activities contact Landon Johnson- Conservation Specialist