We're launching our online Member Spotlight with a focus on Forward View Consulting, the Dickenson County design firm that created our new website. We interviewed the company's founder, Nathan Yates, to learn about Forward View. Here's what we learned:

When did you open for business?

In October of 2014.

Why did you create Forward View Consulting?

I founded Forward View with the goal of rebuilding America one small business at a time. Then, I found a few fantastic people who shared this dream. We're all dedicated to being a different kind of consulting firm. There is no fancy Forward View office nor do we bill clients for extra services they don't need. Instead, Forward View works to make elite-level consulting available to entrepreneurs across the country. If we can upend traditional Wall Street ideas and the world of $500/hour consultants in the process of serving our clientele, we'll be quite pleased!

Forward View operates according to this verse from the Bible:

"Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts." — Proverbs 24:3 LB

What services do you offer?

We have two equally important areas of practice:

  1. Website development — We create websites for small businesses and nonprofits (and any needed logos, restaurant menus, digital ads etc.). Every Forward View website is designed with modern software to be mobile-friendly. We guarantee the site will be working over 99% of the time, too. All of your website work will be done by our team, so you'll never need to call somebody who you don't know personally.
  2. Financial analysis — Forward View provides investment research to Wall Street and to financial advisors around the globe. My Master's degree is in Finance, so Forward View obviously had to offer services based on my educational focus. We also provide financial analyses to small businesses preparing to open, seek funding or plan for a large project.

Why do you enjoy most about your Chamber membership?

As a lifelong resident of the county, I thoroughly enjoy working with local entrepreneurs to strengthen our economy. With the Chamber, the benefits of our collaboration are exponentially increased. The Chamber offers amazing networking opportunities for all members, too, and I think joining this organization is one of my best business decisions. 

How can potential clients get in touch with you?

I'm available at nathan@forwardviewconsulting.com, and I'll happily schedule phone or Skype conversations with anybody interested in Forward View. I also encourage everybody to visit www.forwardviewconsulting.com to sign up for our free monthly newsletter. It's loaded with small business tips and ideas! Forward View also offers a 10% discount on everything to fellow Chamber of Commerce members.